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Intuitive drag and drop route planning allows you to easily create or adjust your routes to your daily plans and even share them with your friends.

Free Charts US East Coast

The app comes with a complete set of free charts covering the East Coast from Key West to the Canadian Border.

ACC Digital Guides to Marinas

NV Charts has teamed up with Atlantic Cruising Club to provide superior marina information which includes MegaYacht capabilities and more.

More Charts Available

NV Charts provides a wide coverage of highly detailed cartography. Covering all Bahamas, Caribbean, Cuba, and North Western Europe.

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nv charts‘ intuitive marine navigation app provides dynamic navigation experience using all tools and seamless chart display so you can navigate safely and enjoy nv charts‘ superior up-to-date marine boating charts and geocontent.


Latest information about updates and new features

new versions nv charts app 201508/05/2015 11:47:39NV Verlag / nv charts

New Versions are available for all platforms. Now including Mac OSX



New with this version:

Wind display with offline data
AIS timeouts (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS Bug freeze (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS Rate of Turn (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS virtual boarding  (iOS, mac, windows only)
Position from NMEA bug fix (iOS, mac, windows only)
Intro with settings
track max distance filter
GPS enabling settings change
possibility of disabling background tracking to save battery
nvCloud backup manager

Tutorials01/05/2015 16:18:26NV Verlag / nv charts

New version on all plattforms07/24/2014 16:16:52NV Verlag / nv charts

The new version v.391 is available on apple, Android and Windows
New features and changes

Update to Build C 1.14.391

Update auf Build C 1.00.391

Sharing via social networks and email
back button (android)
external browser support with back button (android)
background tracking (android)
bugfix for white screens (android)
bugfix proxies (android)
Track dates bugfix
internal Browser (iOS)
advanced settings for AIS and NMEA sources (iOS)


Frequently Asked Questions

Short Answer: IOS Android Mac OSX and Windows
(Summer 2015)
More detailed:
Supported versions
IOS  8(2013) and 7 (2012) - so starting with Ipad 2
Android 6.x (2015), 5.1 (2015), 5.0(2014), 4.4.4(2013/2012)
Windows 10 (2015), 8(2012), 7x (2009-2011)
OSX 10.10 (2014), 10.9 (2013), 10.8 (2012)
Sure, in addition to our Videotutorials you can also find a manual as a pfd file
Manual nv charts App
Obviously there is a great choice between different brands and devices
We think that generally users are more satisfied with high end devices
One thing your would need to find out is what operation system (OS) you prefer. This could be IOS, Android, Windows or Mac
For general planing and route preparation, especially at home, it might be interesting to install the app on your Windows or Mac desktop.
For mobile devices the is quite a bit of a price range at which they are available. When looking closer though, you will find that devices with compatible hardware usual also have the according price tag.
Here are some Ideas:

Ipad air 2 - definitely a fast and great looking hardware
7340 mAh Battery
only the LTE Version has built in GPS!

Sony Xpedia Z4
2 GHz-Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 64-bit-Octa-Core (a good processor)
6.000 mAh Battery (a bit smaller than the Ipad air 2)
Updates and branding of OS can be a bit problematic with Sony, since updates of OS are conducted late. Although the last update to Android Version 5.0 has made some great improvements.
- Fast hardware
- Waterproof to 1,5 m
- built in GPS


Nexus 9 -
Google hardware, great update service of OS by google. As mentioned on the Xpedia, this can be problematic with other brands
Good handling and a fast hardware with high benchmark.
Tegra K1-64
Up to 2.3 GHz dual-core ARM Denver
( very good processor )
Only a WiFi available
$ 399
Samsung: Samsung has devices in store with very different quality levels. One general problem is the bad update policy of Samsung. However in short everything with a processor with 1.6Ghz or more can be recommended, but have a look at the Android version that will be delivered, since most likely this is the one you will have to live with for most of the device lifespan. Generaly we can recommend: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Serie
Samsung Galaxy Tab S Serie
Samsung Galaxy Tab Note Serie

We can not recommend the Galaxy Tab Series.
e.g.: GALAXY Tab 4 10.1 Wi-Fi
You can use your account on up to 5 different devices.
This lets you have your charts and routes or other information shared on all your devices such as telephones, tablets and desktops.
It is important that you always use the same email to activate the app on a new device. This way you will immediately have all you data at hand. To download your chart data on a new device, simply go to charts > load chartkit and select the region you like to download


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