Neue Versionen online

Sailing season 2015 is right there and we are proud to announce a new version of the nv charts app.
Changes include integration of tides and a new display of wind data.

New Versions are available for all platforms. Now including Mac OSX


New with this version:

Wind display with offline data
AIS timeouts (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS Bug freeze (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS Rate of Turn (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS virtual boarding  (iOS, mac, windows only)
Position from NMEA bug fix (iOS, mac, windows only)
Intro with settings
track max distance filter
GPS enabling settings change
possibility of disabling background tracking to save battery
nvCloud backup manager

One thought on “Neue Versionen online

  1. ocea

    It’s tuesday, July 28th 2015. Since yesterday it’s no longer possible to share the track via Email and Link as before. What happened? It always leads to a neutral map only with no track, no data etc. Even older links, which worked before, now lead to the same frustration result. Any idea or support?

    Many, many thanks

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