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Neue Versionen online

Sailing season 2015 is right there and we are proud to announce a new version of the nv charts app.
Changes include integration of tides and a new display of wind data.

New Versions are available for all platforms. Now including Mac OSX


New with this version:

Wind display with offline data
AIS timeouts (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS Bug freeze (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS Rate of Turn (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS virtual boarding  (iOS, mac, windows only)
Position from NMEA bug fix (iOS, mac, windows only)
Intro with settings
track max distance filter
GPS enabling settings change
possibility of disabling background tracking to save battery
nvCloud backup manager

Mac Version coming soon

We are currently working on a release version for Mac OS X.
Here is a screenshot of the current Mac Version.
You are most welcome to become a beta tester. Please contact us if you are interested.

Mac Beta screenshot nv charts app

Known issues:
-Panning and clicking on icons may crash sometimes.
– We are still testing compatible gps sensors.
If you are using a gps sensor on your macbook, please let us know if you can confirm the functionality for a certain GPS type.
This would be a great help to us!



IOS 8.02

The new update of iOS 8.0.1 and 8.0.2  causes problems with our app. It would not start. Either you just see a grey textured canvas, or it will just quit again.

However, we have immediately handed in  a update for review by apple, but since almost everyone has troubles with the new iOS version, it is going to take longer than usually for apple to review all the apps.
We hope that this might be done sometime  in about another 7-10 days
We apologize for the inconvenience

Your NV Charts Team

New version on all plattforms

The new version v.391 is available on apple, Android and Windows
New features and changes

Update to Build C 1.14.391

Update auf Build C 1.00.391

Sharing via social networks and email
back button (android)
external browser support with back button (android)
background tracking (android)
bugfix for white screens (android)
bugfix proxies (android)
Track dates bugfix
internal Browser (iOS)
advanced settings for AIS and NMEA sources (iOS)

Free Performace Update for all charts

Dear NV Charts App User,

We have a new version(v.307) ready for you, packed with new features.
This includes a improved data format for the charts.
This update does not include navigation updates.
To to improve performace of the nv charts app on your device simply go to
charts –> load chartkit and select you free updates.

you can increase the resolution even more by going to
settings –> charts–> and set the resolution to high


Version 285 available

The spring is coming closer and now we develop a new app versions.

– Windows version now available
– IOS and Android, coming in a few days at the store

We are proud to announce new features:
– online weather
– improved menu structure
– new UI
– better perfomance
– higher resolution
– smaller amount of data
– AIS via WIFI
– search near me – all information around your location
– Position-sharing

Windows Version click here

New version in in internal testing

The spring is coming closer and we are pushing on the development of new app versions.

Thank you all so much for all you comments and remarks.
You are great, and here is the result:

We are proud to announce new features:
online weather
improved menu structure
new UI
better perfomance
Higher resolution
smaller amount of data
Search near me – all information around your location

Here are some Impressios.

ais_screenshot screenshot_app_wetter