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Last changed 25.03.2021 Privacy Policy german version

We appreciate your use of the NV Charts App, and are committed to respecting your privacy. When using the NV Charts App some personal data is collected. We are interested in keeping this process as transparent as possible to you and like to explain the process to you. This english version is a translation for your convinience but only the german version of this text is applicable.

1. Provider

The NV Charts App and the accompanying services (hereinafter collectively referred to as „Service“) are offered by NV Chart Group GmbH, Carlshöhe 75, 24340 Eckernförde, Germany (hereinafter „NV“).

2. Data Protection

By registering for the service the user agrees that NV and its contractors store, process and use all data disclosed in connection with the registration (hereinafter “Account Data”). NV and its contractors will not divulge these data to any third parties and will not use these data for the purposes of advertising. Though NV might contact you, in direct relation to our use of the service, in case of important chart data or software updates. If the user cancels his or her account or if that account is terminated by NV, the Account Data will be stored by NV and/or its contractors for the safekeeping period mandated by law.

Collecting Account-Data is necessary to enable us to assign purchased charts and other information to a user.

The Service may enable the user to share personal data (position, route, track, markers etc.) via social networks (eg Facebook). NV is not responsible for the data protection policies of these networks and excludes all liability for any violations of applicable data protection laws by these networks and any loss or damage incurred or suffered as a result of such violations.

The service may allow the user to to record location-based data in the background. This feature is active when a track is recorded and background recording is enabled in the GPS settings. If you do not If you do not wish to use this feature, you can disable this feature.

The Service may enable the user to share his or her position with other users so that his or her position can be displayed on other users map display. When activated, the position will be displayed, together with the deviceID (eg: Ann's iPad, Android 8963, Bobs PC) and the boat name saved in the service on all users devices that have the feature enabled as well. If this feature is enabled NV has to save this data for transmitting purposes and no longer than one hour. Data is only stored this way, when this feature is used.

The Service may enable the user to save personal data on our server permanently with the “nv-cloud function”. Data is only stored this way, when this feature is used. This enables the user to synchronize personal data (routes,tracks, markers) between different devices. Data used with this function is saved for the same period as the Account-Data and is deleted whenever the Account-Data is deleted. Data saved with the nv-cloud function is not visable or accessible by other users.

NV reserves the right to store, process, analyse and use the data shared by the users in anonymised or pseudonymised form.


From time to time our privacy policy may change. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We will keep an updated version available in the app. If changes are significant, we can provide a more prominent notice.

3. Contact

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Application, or have questions about our practices or wish to request deleting of personal data, please contact us.


NV Chart Group GmbH

voluntary supervisor data protection: Jeppe Scheidt

Carlshöhe 75

24340 Eckernförde - Germany

email: info@nvcharts.com