NV.Atlas Sverige SE 5.2 Svenska västkusten södra

NV.Atlas Sverige SE 5.2 Svenska västkusten södra

NV.Atlas Sverige SE 5.2 Svenska västkusten södra

NV.Atlas Sverige SE 5.2 Svenska västkusten södra

Edition: 2019

Format: Atlas

Art.Nr. 1752

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NV.Atlas Sverige SE 5.2 Svenska västkusten södra

Format: Kombipack Papier / Digital download and App

  • • Overview charts
  • • Coastal charts & Details
  • • Includes Harbor & Anchorage plans
  • • remarkable data also off the beaten tracks
  • • many own resurveys
  • • with harbor pilot book
  • • monthly correction service with email
  • • notes in english, swedish and german

  • SE 5.2 NV. Atlas Sverige - Svenska västkusten södra - Lysekil till Varberg (Swedish west coast southern part - Lysekil to Varberg)..

    nv charts for the Swedish west coast are published annually and updated monthly from April to October in paper and digital format by our nv charts monthly update service (MBS).
    The region is divided into two seperate NV. Atlas combipacks, a northern (SE5.1) and southern part (SE5.2). Both combipacks appear in nv charts new handy Atlas format (A3) and include paper and digital charts, as well as a navigation software and nv charts free navigation app for mobile devices and tablet PC's.
    A harbour and anchorage pilot book is also included, providing a wealth of service information usable to the mariner, including detailed harbour charts and navigational information for approach. The clear structure makes finding harbour details or anchorages a matter of seconds. In this way the mariner gets quick access to all important navigational information.
    The cartography captivates through ideal scales and well-chosen sheet cuts.

    The NV. Atlas SE5.2 includes 2 overview charts (scale 1:240.000) and 24 coastal charts (scale 1:40.000/ 1:20.000). You will also find an overview pilot chart (scale 1:750.000) with general weather and current information for the given area. The harbour and anchorage pilot book includes detailed harbour charts with additional information for approach and harbour facilities.



S1 Halden to Lysekil 1: 240.000
S2 Lysekil to Varberg 1: 240.000
Pilot Chart Anholt-Færder-Jomfruland 1: 750.000


S3 North of Orust 1: 40.000
S4 East of Orust 1: 40.000
S5 North of Tjörn 1: 40.000
S6 East of Tjörn 1: 40.000
S7 Fiskebäckskil to Käringön 1: 40.000
S8 Käringön to Marstrand 1: 40.000
S9 Marstrand to Sälö 1: 40.000
S10 Sälö to Öckerö 1: 40.000
S11 Öckerö to Vinga 1: 40.000
S12 Vinga to Tistlarna 1: 40.000
S13 Tistlarna to Malö 1: 40.000
S14 Malö to Ringhals 1: 40.000
S15 Ringhals to Varberg 1: 40.000
S16A Nordre Älv 1: 40.000
S16C Kungsbackafjord 1: 40.000


S3A Råbergsund 1: 10.000
S16B Nordre Älv Flood barrage 1: 3.000
S17 Lysekil to Gullholmen 1: 20.000
S18 Gullholmen to Käringö Fjord 1: 20.000
S19 Käringö Fjord to Kyrkesund 1: 20.000
S20 Kyrkesund to Klädesholmen 1: 20.000
S21 Marstrand 1: 20.000
S22 Öckerö to Vinga 1: 20.000
S23 Långedrag to Vrångö 1: 20.000