NV Charts is racing the Minitransat 2019 with Felix de Navacelle

06.08.2019 / Olaf Gaedke NV Verlag / nv charts

Racing the Minitransat is an incredible adventure, but also very demanding in terms of
navigation… Only GPS coordinates and paper charts are allowed!

In my confined living space, surfing at +15 knots along the coast or across the ocean, I need to get a fast and clear sight of my position. nv charts became my real advantage, their well dimensioned book-like format allows me to store and deploy them fast and at ease in the roughest conditions.
Moreover, they combine general overviews and detailed zoom in the same document
which makes them very simple to interpret and manipulate.

Navigation just went from a certain apprehension to a real pleasure and interest.

Get your nv charts for the Atlantic here: https://eu.nvcharts.com/en/charts/atlantic-ocean


Find out more about Felix at: http://navasail.com/