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new versions nv charts app 2015

New Versions are available for all platforms. Now including Mac OSX


New with this version:

Wind display with offline data
AIS timeouts (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS Bug freeze (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS Rate of Turn (iOS, mac, windows only)
AIS virtual boarding  (iOS, mac, windows only)
Position from NMEA bug fix (iOS, mac, windows only)
Intro with settings
track max distance filter
GPS enabling settings change
possibility of disabling background tracking to save battery
nvCloud backup manager

New version on all plattforms

The new version v.391 is available on apple, Android and Windows
New features and changes

Update to Build C 1.14.391

Update auf Build C 1.00.391

Sharing via social networks and email
back button (android)
external browser support with back button (android)
background tracking (android)
bugfix for white screens (android)
bugfix proxies (android)
Track dates bugfix
internal Browser (iOS)
advanced settings for AIS and NMEA sources (iOS)