World Cruising Destinations

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This substantial handbook profiles every cruising destination in the world.

Covering 184 countries, Jimmy and Doina Cornell provide all the information you need in order to decide where to visit, what preparations to make before you arrive, and what to expect when you get there. Lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs, and inspiring as well as practical, this is a cruising reference like no other.

Every destination is detailed comprehensively, with information on:

  • History, culture and cruising attractions
  • Climate — average temperatures, rainfall and tropical storm seasons
  • Ports of entry
  • Formalities — documents, visas and  permits
  • Facilities — marinas, boatyards, fuel and chandleries
  • Charter operators.
  • Useful cruising guides and websites.
  • Emergency contact information.

World Cruising Destinations is not only an indispensable onboard  for long distance sailors, but will undoubtedly inspire the adventurous to sail where they have never sailed before.

Ideal for planners and dreamers as well as those on extended cruises, this is the essential one-stop reference guide.

This second edition has been extensively revised to bring it up to date with changes to formalities and facilities around the world in the past few years.


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